About the Conference

With a focus on improving accessibility to patients, innovative healthcare delivery models and enhanced operational efficiency, the 2nd Annual Digital Healthcare Summit will amalgamate the views of medical professionals and ICT experts to showcase the latest case studies, implementation success stories and the way forward for adapting to the digital revolution.

Showcasing Government policy, investment, private sector projects that are creating opportunities, and most importantly, how to go about a digital transformation, the summit will highlight operational and commercial benefits of digitisation, and how patient outcomes can be improved.

New In 2018!

  • Key Focus on Digital Transformation of Healthcare Systems
  • Spotlight on Connected Patients and Transforming Care Delivery
  • Case Studies on Digital Health Touch Points and Implementation Projects
  • Linking Digitalisation of Healthcare Services to Patient Outcomes by Integrating Technology, Patients and Doctors
Agenda at a Glance

Who Should Attend